Literary Tailgate 2013

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On Sunday, September 22 from 7 pm-10 pm, MAKE and Wakefield Media/Uncubed present an Official Brookyn Book Festival Bookend event, the 2nd Annual Literary Tailgate—a SpArts mash-up combining football and literature at the Brooklyn Brewery.

Two teams of writers will compete to gain yards and score touchdowns with their original work.

The referee, poet Matthew Rohrer, will determine if the player wins or loses yards, based on criteria invented on the spot: a player might lose ten yards for referencing vampires in a poem. Or gain ten yards for explaining how Dennis Miller came to be an NFL commentator. 

The roster features Sarah Jean Alexander, Guy Cimbalo, Stephen Elliott, Mira Gonzalez, Damian Lanigan, Dorothea Lasky, Amy Shearn, and Christopher Stackhouse.

The $15 cover includes Brooklyn Brewery beer and Williamsburg Pizza slices! And, of course, readings from New York's finest writers.

In addition to our wonderful sponsors and literary partners, the following businesses have contributed merchandise and gift certificates to the Booster Club raffle: Beer Street, Nitehawk Cinema, Root Hill Cafe, and Three Letters Restaurant.

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Last year’s Literary Tailgate was such a success, we’re calling the players back to the field. In 2012, Chicago’s MAKE Literary Productions teamed up with Baltimore’s Publishing Genius, Beer Street, and Superchief Gallery to produce an  event around the spectacle of “SpArts.” For the first time ever, poets and prose writers were invited to unite their love of literature with a love (or disdain) for football.

Two competing teams of New York-based writers read short pieces and the suited-up referee, Tom Roberge of New Directions Books, determined how many yards were gained or lost. Colorful commentators shouted from the sidelines and coaches playfully challenged calls. The audience got exposed to talented writers in an innovative (and sporty) format.

Last year’s writers included Lauren Belski, Melissa Broder, Arthur Jones, Kendra Grant Malone, Steve Roggenbuck, Alvaro Enrigue, Paige Taggart, Molly Tolsky and more, coached by Sasha Fletcher and John Belitsky.

So...we're back. 

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Get complimentary beer from Brooklyn Brewery and pizza from Williamsburg Pizza.

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